BIAZZI - The reference in explosives


Modular nitroglycerine plant. BIAZZI has been building plants for explosives manufacture since 1936. To date more than 250 units have been realized. More than 50% of worldwide Nitroglycerine production spread over 5 continents uses BIAZZI Technology and benefits from our outstanding safety record.

This is an area in which BIAZZI has acquired very extensive know-how in all aspects related to the nitration process as well as product handling. BIAZZI is able to deliver safe and efficient processes and plants for the manufacture of the following products:

Sensitive explosives such as Nitroglycerine, DEGDN, TEGDN, PGDN, BTTN, etc. and their co-nitrates:


Continuous plants for industrial production



Continuous and batch plants for R&D and pharmaceutical use


High explosives such as PETN, RDX, HMX, NENA's etc:

Continuous or batch plants consisting of: nitration, stabilization, purification, filtration, etc.

Downstream processing lines:

Detonating cords: complete manufacturing lines consisting of: drying, spinning, coating, spooling, etc.

Pre-Mix, Master-Mix and Dynamite production: complete manufacturing lines

Packaging lines: Cartridging for small and large diameters. Weighing, marking and packaging stations

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