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Hydrogenation plant. Unit for the production of API’s at Grünenthal (Germany). BIAZZI occupies a leading position in this field today.

Ask for our questonnaire hydrogenation/gas-liquid plant.

BIAZZI’s scope of supply ranges from key equipment and basic engineering up to complete skid mounted modular plants requiring only connection to services and utilities. The majority of BIAZZI’s gas-liquid reactors are used for hydrogenations, the others operating on oxidation, carbonylation, hydroformulation, alkoxylation, phosphination, etc.

More than 40% of the plants have been built for the pharmaceutical industry, in full compliance with the GMP requirements. Reactors can be built up to 50 m3 useful volume, operating at pressures up to 200 bar and temperatures up to 300°C. BIAZZI offers its High Performance Reactor System for batch and/or continuously operated processes.

The BIAZZI High Performance Reactor System enables clients to achieve very high mass transfer rates in heterogeneous systems, so that mass transfer is not a significant limitation. Large amounts of heat can be removed isothermally so that reactions can proceed optimally without the need to slow them down, or to operate in dilute solution because of heat transfer limitations.

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