Collective knowledge based decisions: Efficiency is our driving force.


Dr. Jean-Pierre Landert

Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Pierre joined BIAZZI SA in 1988. With his extensive experience in all BIAZZI's strategic fields, Jean-Pierre leads the company.


Serge Egloff

Director Sales Explosives Technology
Expert panel member of SAFEX international

Serge joined BIAZZI SA in 1969. He leads the explosive technology business.


Dr. Moritz Mühlemann

Technical Director

Moritz joined BIAZZI SA in 1997. He leads the engineering department.


Bruno Tettamanti

Head Marketing and Sales

Bruno joined BIAZZI SA in 2008. He is responsible for the Marketing activities of Biazzi and the sales of gas-liquid reaction technology


Martin Ekstrand

Head Sales Nitration Technology

Martin joined BIAZZI SA in 2004. He is responsible for the sales of the nitration technology.


Pascal Heitzmann

Head Chemical Projects

Pascal joined BIAZZI SA in 1991. Responsible for chemical projects mainly in the G/L-Business, and has in-depth experience of pharmaceutical projects and their validation.