Hydrogenation plant. Unit for the production of API’s at Grünenthal (Germany).

BIAZZI occupies a leading position in this field today.

Ask for our questionnaire hydrogenation/gas-liquid plant.

BIAZZI's High Performance Reactor Systems (BHPR); batch or continuous offers Benefits like:

  • Highest safety standards
  • Optimum Mass-Transfer and Heat removal
  • Optimum catalyst consumption
  • Lowest overall Operational Expenditures (OPEX)
  • Lowest Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

Shortest Time to Market, thanks to BIAZZI's direct Upscaling from laboratory to any size of industrial scale reactor up to 60 m3, including guarantees covering daily output, product yield and quality, catalyst consumption, etc.

BIAZZI's reactor for hydrogenations and other gas-liquid reactions
has been specially developed to provide products of very high quality in an economic way and in safe conditions.

BIAZZI has developed a high-efficiency hydrogenation reactor (Gas/Liquid-reactor) of unique design which consists of:

  • The high performance reactor
  • The agitation unit with a very high mass transfer rate (kLa value). The agitator is driven by means of a practically maintenance-free magnetic coupling system.
  • The reactor internal heat transfer plates enabling a high heat transfer exchange inside the reactor.


biazzi's gas/liquid reactor

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The BIAZZI Gas/Liquid Reactor