image of BIAZZI's industrial automation

BIAZZI provides installations using the most advanced technologies and of the highest safety. BIAZZI continuously improves control capabilities for plants provided.

Automation phases are the following:


  • Pre-project
  • Project design
  • Risk analysis


  • Detailed study
  • Schematic and execution drawings
  • Process description and functional analysis


  • Coordination and planning
  • Fabricating of the cabinets and programming of the automated systems
  • Factory tests


  • Assembly and installation follow-up
  • Tests on site
  • Staff training
  • Start-up of the installation

Production follow-up

  • Assistance to the operation
  • Troubleshooting and spare parts

Biazzi industrial automation capabilities


Expert in the field of installation safety in explosive environments. ATEX, IECEX, SIL, GAMP guide standards are commonly applied in BIAZZI installations.

Executes the complete study beginning with design in collaboration with the customer through project realization and commissioning.

Creates necessary schematics and line calculations, always in compliance with Customer's required standards.

Designs and fabricates necessary distribution boxes and motor / control cabinets for our executed projects. The cabinets are manufactured in compliance with the standards in force in the country of destination.

Full compliance testing is conducted at BIAZZI before customer shipment.


  • Thorough operational descriptions are developed and functional analysis conducted.
  • Programming of PLC, HMI screens and DCS is executed at BIAZZI by in-house experts.
  • Customers are invited to participate in evaluation and testing.


  • BIAZZI offers thorough operator training.
  • Simulation stations can be provided for training.


Commissioning is carried out by BIAZZI in collaboration with the Customer.

Remote access to the installation

Meeting increasing security requirements VPN connections are manually activated and under staff supervision during a specified and minimal time period.


Your automation system is developed by BIAZZI specialists in Switzerland. It will be maintained by the same design team, which guarantees a flawless reliability of your installation, and provides increased productivity.

Who better than the manufacturer to maintain your installation!

With BIAZZI, your productions are thus assured in terms of quality and quantity.