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December 2013


BIAZZI has delivered a continuous operating hydrogenation unit for the hydrogenation of hydrocarbon-Resins to Cray-Valley/Total in Beaumont Texas. The unit with a capacity of 20.000 MTPY is unique in the world and was developed specifically for this client.


The development work of the reaction process and the continuous filtration step was started from scratch and was made by BIAZZI in its development centre in Montreux.

December 2011

An eventful 2011, a year of celebration

1936 was the year Mario BIAZZI founded BIAZZI S.A., based on his novel continuous, safe process for the production of nitroglycerine. 75 years later, more than 350 industrial units have been designed and built in all continents around the world for the production of explosives, nitroaromatics and products made mainly by hydrogenation.

BIAZZI S.A. an engineering and technology company celebrated its 75th anniversary with several activities and events, culminating in the celebration ceremony taking place on September 10th 2011 with more than 130 guests. These guests were clients, partners, representatives of federal, cantonal and communal authorities, ancient collaborators, neighbors of the company, family members of the actual crew and the BIAZZI family itself.


The celebration was a success and many appreciated the information given in a company visit as well in the speeches giving information about the company and its history including targets for the future.

2011 was also a year full of business activities in all business fields of the company. In the area of explosives two units were successfully started up in Asia.

Two units were started up successfully in the field of nitro aromatics. One of those two units was started up in Europe having a capacity of more than 200.000 metric tons product produced per year (MTPY), the other unit, with an annual capacity of 160.000 MTPY was started up in Asia. Both units were built for the production of DNT (dinitrotoluene), an intermediate material for the production of Polyurethane (PU).

In the area of hydrogenation one unit was started up for the production of TDA using BIAZZI technology, with a capacity of 130'000 MTPY. TDA is a further synthesis step in PU-production. A further hydrogenation unit, for the production of 3000 MTPY of a high added value product was built in the USA as a SKID. The startup was made successfully and the process guarantees given by BIAZZI were reached to the full satisfaction of the client.

In 2011 various contracts in the fields of hydrogenation and explosives could be materialized for projects in Europe, Asia and the USA. All these projects have been started and the start ups of the units are to take place in Q3/Q4-2012. Furthermore various studies were executed leading most probably to project realizations in 2012/2013.

2011 ended with a promising pipeline giving hope for good business in the year 2012.

August 2010/January 2011


Pierre Marmillod, CEO of BIAZZI retired at the end of July. Pierre remains as a non executive member of the Board of Directors.

On August 1st, the CEO position was taken over by Dr. Jean-Pierre Landert a member of the BIAZZI organization since 1988. With his extensive experience in all BIAZZI core competences, Jean-Pierre now leads the company.

As of January 1st, Serge Egloff, leader of the BIAZZI engineering department and the explosive business, has been nominated Technical Director. Serge joined BIAZZI SA in 1969 and has extensive experience in all fields of the company’s activities.

All other key members of BIAZZI remain in their present positions and are Bernard Hayoz, Head Chemical Projects; Dr. Moritz Mühlemann, Head Technical Development and Bruno Tettamanti, Head Marketing and Sales. Martin Ekstrand is Head of the Process Technology Department and Pascal Heitzmann has become Deputy Head of Chemical Projects.

This highly qualified and experienced team is dedicated to helping our customers by providing the best possible processing solutions based on BIAZZI know-how.

September 2010

Novel BIAZZI Sorbitol Technology

BIAZZI has developed a specific technology for the production of hydrogenated polyols. This process allows BIAZZI to offer a reliable high performance plant with an investment that will give the Sorbitol producer a competitive position in the market.

Compared to conventional Sorbitol plants, the BIAZZI Sorbitol Technology has the following advantages:

Capital investment adapted to the specific polyols market.

Highest plant safety thanks to BIAZZI’s reliable control and interlocking philosophy, safety devices and use of the BIAZZI Magnetic Drive obviating the need for shaft seals and thus eliminating the risk of hydrogen leakage from the reactor.

  • Lowest possible hydrogen consumption.
  • Optimised energy consumption, thanks to the BIAZZI technology’s inherent energy saving and recovery concept.
  • Multi-purpose design allowing the plant to be used to make other hydrogenated products such as xylitol, mannitol, lactitol, etc.
  • Lower maintenance cost.
  • Shortest possible return on investment.