Processes offered

Processes offered


BIAZZI delivers complete plants using proprietary processes for:

Others on request

Available Processes

BIAZZI offers gas/liquid-processes for the production of the according products, starting from the clients raw-materials, for more information please contact us.

Functional GroupRaw MaterialProduct
Nitro GroupDNTTDA
Nitro GroupNitroanisoleAnisidine
Aromatic RingMDAPACM
Aromatic RingDOTPDIOCH
Double bondMaleic AcidSuccinic Acid
Double bondMaleic AnhydrideSuccinic Anhydride
Double bondTHPAHHPA
Double bondNBRHNBR
Double bond / Arom. RingC9-ResinSpecial Resin
AlcoholXylose, Glucose etc.Xylitol, Sorbitol and others
Sulfur, Aromatic RingWasteFood Waxes