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Biazzi provides processes, technologies and plants for Explosives, Nitroaromatics, and Hydrogenation. In these areas, BIAZZI is a world leader as a result of know-how, expertise and extensive experience.


BIAZZI is a highly specialized engineering and technology company founded in 1936 by Dr. Mario Biazzi, a renowned specialist in explosives. From inception, BIAZZI was active in technologies for the manufacture of explosives. In 1946, BIAZZI designed and constructed its first industrial plant for the Nitration of aromatic compounds. In 1992, BIAZZI entered the field of liquid phase catalytic Hydrogenation, a chemical synthesis process, utilized across the range of plastic, pharmaceutical, food, and specialities chemical industries.

EXPLOSIVES: The start of an ongoing success story

BIAZZI is the global leader in the Nitroglycerin field. Today more than half of worldwide Nitroglycerin production, spread over 5 continents, utilizes BIAZZI Technology. BIAZZI has built more than 250 plants for explosives manufacture and in this area has built extensive know-how in all aspects related to the Nitration process. This knowledge is well complimented by strong expertise in product handling, safe design, and an outstanding safety record. BIAZZI continually invests in R&D to increase the safety and efficiency of the Nitration technology offering.

BIAZZI capably delivers safe and efficient processes and plants for the manufacture of: Nitroglycerin, PETN, RDX, HMX, DEGDN, TEGDN, PGDN, BTTN, TMETN and other explosives.


Leveraging Nitration expertise, in the 1940’s BIAZZI expanded process development efforts to additional products requiring a Nitration step. BIAZZI built its first Nitroaromatic plant to produce Dinitrotoluene (DNT) in 1946. During more than 60 years in design, engineering, delivery and operation of Nitroaromatic manufacturing plants, BIAZZI built extensive and unique capability. In 2016, BIAZZI established its largest unit with capacity to manufacture 360,000 tons of DNT per year. To date more than 50 Biazzi Nitroaromatic manufacturing plants have been constructed worldwide.


Based on decades of successful experience in the design and the construction of equipment for production of Explosives and Nitroaromatics, in 1992 BIAZZI launched the Hydrogenation division. Since 1992 BIAZZI has built more than 70 Hydrogenation plants for customers worldwide.

BIAZZI Hydrogenation technology is well suited to a wide range of applications, from chemical manufacturing to food, fragrance, and pharmaceutical production.

In the Hydrogenation category, the BIAZZI High Performance Reactor System is the ‘Gold-Standard.’ This unique reactor system was specially and successfully developed by Biazzi engineers to overcome the limitations encountered in hydrogenation reactions.

A notable strength of BIAZZI is the ability to scale up laboratory Hydrogenation results to any size industrial scale reactor based on a few weeks’ laboratory evaluation and data gathering. Process scale-up guarantees are given based on tests executed in the Biazzi test center utilizing raw materials provided by the client.

BIAZZI offers everything from Key-Equipment (the reactor and filter system) and basic engineering, up to and including turn-key SKID mounted units for Hydrogenation, including implementations for batch and continuous operations.

As a Process provider, BIAZZI delivers a basic engineering package, together with the key equipment, which enables BIAZZI to provide full process guarantees.